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Our Bundaberg, Cooroy and Sunshine Coast insurance brokerage firm can assist with all your Strata / Body Corp insurance services – Residential Strata, Commercial Strata, mixed use, single owners.


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Where you have multiple titles on the one lot/block of land, you need to obtain Body Corp / Strata Insurance. Strata building insurance is a policy designed for residential strata, group and community title properties, body corporates, owner corporations, and strata managers. This can be for either Commercial or Residential Complexes. A commercial or residential strata insurance policy normally covers properties within the one building, complex or block of land.

These types of Strata / Body Corporate insurance policies normally cover the building(s), parking, and other common areas within the lot or complex.

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Our Body Corporate insurance brokers are here to help you select the right cover for your individual needs including reviewing any existing policies.