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Modern farm insurance policies are made up of a number of different sections covering different aspects of your risks. Our farm insurance brokers can walk you through all the ins-and-outs you need to consider and help you tailor the best insurance cover for your needs.

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A typical farm insurance cover includes:

Farm Property

This insurance covers your building, contents and stock for risks such as Fire, Storm Damage, Impact, Flood (some insurers). Cover is also available for Hay, Fences, Power Poles.

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery and earthmoving equipment insurance covers costs involved in repairing or replacing mechanical components that have been damaged as a result of an insured event.

Farm Interruption

In the event you are unable to operate your business due to an insured loss, your farm insurance can make sure you can continue to operate with regular payments. Statistics show that over 70% of businesses that suffer a major loss and don’t have Business Interruption insurance, fail to reopen.


Farm insurance cover for your crops/plant whilst being transported.


Loss of contents as a result of Theft/Burglary.

Motor Vehicle

Insurance cover for farm motor vehicles, farm machinery including Tractors, Harvesters, Headers, Irrigation Equipment.

House and Contents

Just like standard House and Contents insurance cover, but it can also include workers accommodation and any rentals on your properties.

Farm Liability

Insurance cover for amounts you become legally liable to pay as result of an incident relating to your negligence.

The majority of these sections can be taken together or in isolation dependant of the insurer.

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