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The single biggest investment of your life is usually the purchase of your home and its contents.
Having the right home insurance to protect these items is vitally important.

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Need an experienced broker for house insurance? You’ve come to the right house insurance brokers. Our home insurance brokerage firm has the strength of both the Ausure Coast and Country network of 130+ offices Australia-wide, combined with the backing of the Steadfast Australian broker network. This ensures our insurance brokerage company has direct access to some of the best home and contents insurance policies available in both terms of coverage and costing.

For example, one such great value home & contents insurance policy is an accidental damage cover policy which provides automatic cover for contents away from the home for up to $10,000 for any one item covered!

Typical Home and Contents Insurance Coverage Includes:

  • Coverage for costs associated with rebuilding the home’s structure in the event of damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, floods, storms or earthquakes.

Coverage for costs incurred to replace or repair items due to theft, attempted theft or malicious damage to the property.


  • Liability insurance coverage to ensure you are not held responsible for accidents caused by others on the property, such as someone slipping and needing medical attention, nor any associated costs. 

6 Reasons to Choose Ausure Coast & Country as your Home Insurance Broker

  1. Combined our home & contents insurance brokers have nearly 100 years of experience in insurance including house and contents insurance.

House insurance is generally considered a commodity line by most other insurance broking companies whereas our insurance brokerage firm treats this as an important part of our portfolio. 

 Our house insurance brokers provide better than standard pricing and coverage due to our buying power through Steadfast, Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network.

  1. Our homeowners insurance broker team obtain multiple quotes from multiple home insurers needing only one call from the client.

 Our home & contents insurance brokers manage home insurance claims on behalf of clients to ensure the best outcome for them.

  1. This specialised knowledge, experience, and industry connections enable our home insurance brokerage company to provide expert advice on selecting the best home insurance cover to adequately cover your home.

House Insurance Broker – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What building and contents insurance category do carpets and curtains fall into?
A. Carpets and curtains are categorised as Contents Insurance

Q. My home isn’t in a flood zone. I don’t need it so can I remove it from the policy?
A. Flood is a standard inclusion with all domestic home and contents insurance covers. Some insurance companies offer a discount to “Opt Out” of flood insurance cover, however, our home and contents insurance brokers recommend you keep flood cover in all situations. If the home is not located within a flood zone, the savings gained by removing the cover would be minimal.

Homeowners, talk to our home insurance brokers

Our Bundaberg, Cooroy and Sunshine Coast home and contents insurance broker specialists are here to help you select the right house insurance cover for your individual needs including reviewing any existing policies you may already have set up with a home insurance company..