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As one of the leading landlord insurance broking companies Queensland has to offer, Ausure Coast and Country can take care of all your investment property insurance needs. From finding you the best, most suitable policies to choose from, to managing any insurance claims on your behalf, Ausure Coast and Country has you covered.

Buying an investment property comes with plenty of responsibility and risk, so it’s vital you protect it with the best landlord insurance QLD cover available on the market.

If you’re unfamiliar with what is entailed within landlord insurance policies, let our insurance brokerage company fill you in and clear up any confusion. Landlord insurance is just like standard home and contents insurance, however it also provides additional insurance cover for risks associated with an investment property.

This additional protection is provided when you also include Loss of Rent, Rent Default, Malicious Damage, and Theft by Tenants under your QLD landlord insurance policy.

Be wary about covering your investment property with a domestic or home and contents cover as some of those policies have an exclusion for damage caused by parties who are legally on the property, which can include the tenants and their guests.

The Best Landlord Insurance Policies in QLD Include…

  • Loss of Rent Coverage covers loss of rental income in the event your investment property becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event such as fire or storm damage.
  • Rent Default Coverage covers events such as missed rental payments, loss of income due to the property being vacant, and legal costs involved with pursuing a tenant for unpaid rent.
  • Malicious Damage Coverage covers malicious damage caused by burglars, vandals and tenants. Under a standard domestic cover this usually excludes damage caused by tenants or other people who are lawfully on your premises.
  • Theft by Tenants Coverage usually covers damage or loss to the property owner caused by theft or attempted theft by the tenants or guests.

6 Reasons to Choose Ausure Coast & Country as your Landlord Insurance Broker

  • Combined our insurance brokers have nearly 100 years of experience in insurance brokerage including landlord insurance.
  • Landlord insurance is generally considered a commodity line by most other insurance brokerage companies, whereas our insurance brokerage firm treats this as an important part of our portfolio. 
  • Our landlord insurance brokers provide better than standard pricing and coverage due to our buying power through Steadfast, Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network.
  • Our landlords insurance brokerage obtains multiple quotes from insurers needing only one call from the client.
  • Our insurance brokers manage landlord insurance claims on behalf of clients to ensure the best outcome for them.
  • This specialised knowledge, experience, and industry connections enable our insurance brokerage company to provide expert advice on selecting the best landlord insurance QLD cover to safeguard your investment property.

Common Questions Clients Ask our Sunshine Coast, Cooroy and Bundaberg Insurance Brokers

Q. What are “landlords contents”? Why do I need this cover when I don’t have any furniture in the house?
A. Because it provides cover for certain items which fall outside of the definition of “building” such as the property’s fixtures and fittings (carpets, curtains and blinds). Some insurers include an automatic allowance if you insure your building for this, otherwise our insurance brokerage firm recommends a minimal sum be put in the contents section to allow for this.

Q. What’s the difference between “rent default” and “loss of rent”?
A. “Rent default” covers you for the income lost due to circumstances relating to a tenant dishonoring the terms of their lease requirements. “Loss of rent” covers you for the income lost in relation to the property being inhabitable due to such events as fire or flood, or in the event the property has other serious damage.

Talk to our QLD landlord insurance team

Unsure about what’s covered by landlord insurance policies in Queensland? Contact our Cooroy, Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast insurance brokers to clear up the confusion. Our specialists can walk you through the ins-and-outs of landlord insurance Queensland policies to help you select the right cover for your individual needs, including reviewing any existing policies.